“Peter Fox has thought more about rowing than any other guide I’ve ever known.” -Dick Linford 40-year outfitter and owner of ECHO river trips.

I will get right to work on rock solid fundamentals to make you a better rower. I will help you achieve your goals, to feel confident doing it and have a lot of fun.

Experience allows me to be a flexible teacher. I can start exactly at the point where you need to start to become a better, safer rower. That means some rowers need to start from the very beginning but some don’t. We can begin where you fit into a safe fundamental set of skills and then have fun filling in the pieces.

I’ve rowed boats in whitewater for 36 years on four continents; baggage boats and catarafts, high water and low water, commercial trips and a couple of world class first descents. Most important, rowing makes me happy and I love to think about it and teach it.

-Peter Fox

About Whitewater
Rowing School

There is no place I would rather be than at the oars on a river. The Whitewater Rowing School is a Bend Oregon based small business founded to help all levels and ages of rowers to be better and safer river runners.

We want rowers to be excited.

Rowing sessions are individually tailored to the level of the students.

Your equipment or ours, we can help you dial in your personal rig or learn in one of our boats.

Pricing is on a sliding scale based on need, age, group size and river logistics.
Please call 650-279-8366 for questions.

About Us