I can’t recall if I had thanked you personally. The curriculum and organization of the teaching was perfect. I can only imagine the challenge facing the instructors having a diverse group with various levels of experience, confidence, and ability.  You were able to pull it off in a way that beginners did not feel in over their heads and more experienced rowers were able to focus on more advanced skills.  The progression of the days/ curriculum allowed us to build confidence to the point where we could read and run class 3 rapids independently and safely without simply following a guide through the best line.

On day one, you approached me (as well as everyone else, individually) to ask me what my goals were for the course.  As the days progressed, I noticed you made a conscious effort to check in with the students to address these goals.  I can say honestly that all of my goals were met/ exceeded and I discovered some new goals along the way.  Above all else, your experience and clear passion for the River, the Wilderness, and people inspired all of us.

Dave Baker

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